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In which I tell you earnestly about myself:

I'm a writer and editor with a decade of experience in the nonprofit media world. I "grew up" at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, where I spent eight years, starting as an intern and ending as Executive Editor. I am now Executive Director of The Progress Network, a new project in collaboration with New America to bring together voices that are positing a better future. 

As a writer and editor, I specialize in women's issues, Buddhism, spirituality, and the kind of self-help that doesn't make you feel more inadequate than you did before. I'm a believer that intelligent ideas need not be unintelligible, and have a knack for helping scholars turn their work into vivid, accessible writing. I've guided writers into shaping award-winning essays and have also edited two books for Wisdom Publications, one a memoir of an alcoholic-turned-monk (Touching Ground, 2018) and the other a teachings collection on the Zen precepts for an ethical life (Wholehearted, 2020). I am a 2021 Dialog Emerging Fellow.

Some fast facts: I'm a New York University grad and also have done stints studying journalism in Prague, Czech Republic and Tibetan Buddhism in Kathmandu, Nepal. I'm Greek American and finally started learning the mother tongue a year ago. I've been a dancer since childhood. I cannot keep plants alive and admire those who do.



Websites I've helped usher into existence 

(and where you can find some of my work):

The Progress Network Homepage.png


A new nonprofit media startup, The Progress Network's website had to be conceptualized from scratch. We are launching soon as a hub for positive voices, combining aggregated and original content, events, book recommendations, and more. We worked with Massachusetts–based web team Facta. 

Tricycle Screenshot.png

Tricycle went through an online redesign and relaunch in 2017, which involved reorganizing 20+ years of content and finding the right way to present Tricycle's multi-platform offerings, including magazine and web pieces, videos, podcasts, events, and more. We worked with the NYC–based web team Point Five.


Buddhism for Beginners was conceived in 2019 to meet the need for trustworthy and accessible beginner Buddhist content. This card deck-style microsite was an immediate hit, raising over $60,000 in grassroots donations.

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